Building great real-time appslaunch

Presented at NSSpain 2021

Getting the right data in front of our users is a key part of software development, and for some industries real-time updates are critical to the user experience. In this talk we'll go over common issues with real-time updates and their solutions and how architecture, UX, and tooling can make instant updates to your users efficient and simple.

Introducing Aidlaunch

Presented at Tech for Good - Monzo x Novoda

Introducing an app, Aid, which I developed over a month long sabbatical. Find out why I made it, how I made it, and the mistakes and learnings along the way.

Being correct, quickerlaunch

Presented at Cocoaheads May 2018

If something in your project wastes time or effort, why allow it to happen? By restricting the places something can go wrong in product development and programming, you can tame spiraling tech debt and ensure you and your team can ship better products, faster - whilst avoiding those arguments about whitespace in code!

Spring Cleaning Your Applaunch

Presented at Workshop at RWDevCon 2018

Have you ever run into a legacy app with a Massive View Controller or other architectural problems? In this session, you’ll learn how to give legacy apps a spring cleaning. You’ll learn how to iteratively split apart code, add testing, and prevent problems from happening again.

Using Swift to write better codelaunch

Presented at Swift Berlin #21

Writing better code is what makes great developers, a great codebase, and great products. So how can you use Swift's power to make your life easier and your code even better?

Writing Better Codelaunch

Presented at Droidcon France 2015

So you know all those APIs, but how do you go about using them wisely? This talk gives a brief look into the benefits of writing better code, and the first steps to improving as a developer. Presented at Droidcon France 2015.

Code Whisperinglaunch

Presented at Android Manchester

Being a craftsman in development practices is only part of the problem! We'll have a brief look at some principles that help make great software, and the hints that your code can give you about what you can improve.

Lollipop and iPlayerlaunch

Presented at Android Manchester

Take a look at the new APIs available in Android Lollipop, how to apply them, and what they look like in a production environment.