This website

This website is one of my side projects, of course!

I'm building it using Gatsby and React. It's my first real React project aside from some brief dabbling, and my first project using modern web technologies through and through.


Modern life has so many distractions and little things that are easy to forget or even easier to continuely put off.

Some friends and I try to hold each other accountable for these little things, such as posting cards, cleaning the oven, or sorting our finances. We initially started by placing events in each other's calendars, and figured this would be a great app.

It's currently only a small prototype, written in Flutter. I decided to use Flutter to whip up a quick prototype whilst user tests and the larger project are spun up. I'm working on this with Leonie Brewin.


Aid is a charity giving app I developed during a one-month sabbatical at the start of 2018.

Giving to a single charity is easy, but giving to multiple is hard.

Aid is meant to be a simple charity app, where you can view charities, their sectors, their websites, and, with three clicks, donate to certain charities.

I built this using Kotlin for Android and Objective-C for iOS.

What's On

Built as a project intended to investigate cross-complication using j2objc, What's On is a simplified calendar app intended to show at-a-glance your agenda for the next two weeks.

I built this app in order to make it easier to keep a track of what I have on each evening, to avoid double-booking and give myself time at home.