with the Discovery and Insights team

Oct 2020 - current ● Principle Engineer

Freetrade is a investment platform aiming to make investing open to all.

I am part of the Discovery and Insights team. We're responsible for making sure users can find investments they're looking for and understanding their portfolio.

Whilst being there, I've been a part of releasing many features including fractional trading, stronger insights, and self-invested personal pensions. I'm focusing on making the apps better for our users, including Dark Mode and performance improvements.


with Blu & Novoda

Jan 2019 - Oct 2020 ● Principle Engineer

My final project with Novoda was a small but vibrant app for a new client.

We are working on a product that interfaces with a Bluetooth device and a web backend, to give the user information about usage patterns.

Whilst small, this project required my strong technical knowledge and project planning to ensure that the three teams (app, backend, and firmware) work in harmony to deliver the end product on time. It has also required strong project planning in order to ensure the team adapts to the changes in size it underwent undergone during the year I was working on it.

Harman Spark

with Tantalum Corporation & Novoda

Sept 2018 – Dec 2018 ● Principle Engineer

Harman Spark is a connected car app developed in collaboration with Harman and Tantalum Corporation.

My work on this project included ensuring work was properly planned and that the developers had enough say and influence in what they were working on. I also was responsible for the sub-project of making the app compatible for white-labelling for other clients.

Find out more on the Play Store and the App Store.

with Oetker Digital & Novoda

May 2018 – Aug 2018 ● Principle Engineer was produced in collaboration with Oetker Digital, of the Dr. Oetker brand.

We delivered a high quality MVP in 4,5 months across two platforms, with absolute consistency.

My proudest moment of this project was starting with 3 Android engineers and three iOS engineers, and ending the project with 6 multiplatform engineers. Work on features was done pairing an Android developer with an iOS one, who would then implement the feature across both platforms one after another.

You can find out more on the Play Store and the App Store.